Salmon Tagging Programme

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During the 2014 season tagging training sessions were delivered to ghillies and anglers throughout the Ness catchment.

Tagging provides basic information about where an individual fish is at two times in its life, i.e. when it is caught and tagged, and when it is recaptured. Information gathered following the recapture of tagged fish can be used to provide information about growth, stock identity, movements, migration (both rates and routes), abundance and mortality.

Fish released by anglers were subsequently tagged using individually numbered and colour coded external anchor (Floy) tags. Those fish captured on the River Ness were marked with yellow tags, those on the Moriston with white tags and those on the Oich with orange tags.

A yellow tag clearly visible on a River Ness salmon indicating a second capture

Tagged Fish Ness

 The details of each fish were recorded at the time of the first capture (including the date, pool, weight and condition) and again at the time of the second capture. This information will be collated and published in the ‘2014 Ness Catchment Salmon Tagging Programme’ report.

A salmon passing through the counting flume in Dundreggan Dam on the River Moriston with white tag clearly visible, indicating that it was captured lower down on the Moriston

Tagged fish Dundreggan

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